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Aquarium Test Kit: The Secrets of Good Betta Water Quality

Which water test kit is best? How do paper strips match up with liquid test kits. How long are these kits good for? If you can’t answer any of these questions then the follow guide to aquarium test kits is for you.


Easy Ways To Maximize Betta Fish Life Span – Guaranteed

Do you measure betta fish life span in weeks, months or years? How long they live in your care depends much more on you and what you do. Get five proven ideas for extending the life expectancy of any betta fish in your care.


Female Betta Fish: Not Pairs But Three of a Kind

TweetShare This With FriendsWhat makes female betta fish different from the males? Turns out a lot and yet not so much. If that’s clear as mud let’s see if we can’t explain that two of a kind paradox and find out more as we try to understand female bettas from the inside out. The Physical […]


Understanding Betta Fish Water Issues

An important element of betta fish care is the water. Aged dechlorinated tap water should be good enough. Although in some cases adding conditioner can be beneficial. It not only get the chlorine out but adds electrolytes which some betta keepers feel helps keep your fish healthy.


Taking Care of Beta Fish in Bowl

If you insist on trying this just be aware that the odds aren’t good. Bettas in bowls at the store look so unhappy because life in a tiny bowl is barely worth living. But it can be done if you’re willing to work at it. Here’s how.

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