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How to Pick a Healthy Betta

Looking for a new betta? Not sure what to look for? Betta fish care starts with picking a fight with a better than fighting chance of survival. Here’s how to accomplish that.


Help! My Betta Has Clamped Fins

TweetShare This With FriendsIt’s a cry for help you see asked often. “My betta’s fins are clamped shut. What’s wrong with it?” This is most typically asked by a somewhat desperate betta owner because the betta who used to shimmy and shake excitedly when they draw near to his tank now just sits in a […]


Betta Bubble Nest – the Rest of the Story

Those new to bettas may not understand bubble nest building. Here the idea is to go over questions typically asked to help with your understanding. Get the hows, whys and if size matters here.


Betta Fish Bubble Nest: Does Your Betta Build One?

Should the presence of bubbles on the top of your betta’s tank be taken as a good sign? Why is he doing this now? Get some often misunderstood insights about bubble nests in your male betta’s aquarium.


The Ultimate Male Betta Fish Q&A

Here’s what you need to know to keep your male betta fish happy. Covering compatibility, conditioning to basic care.


Aquarium Test Kit: The Secrets of Good Betta Water Quality

Which water test kit is best? How do paper strips match up with liquid test kits. How long are these kits good for? If you can’t answer any of these questions then the follow guide to aquarium test kits is for you.

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