Betta Reality TV: Graphic Betta Fish Breeding Scenes

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Bettas are a captivating breed of fish, especially when talking about their mating rituals. No wonder keeping betta fish has become a favorite hobby for some despite the somewhat limited fish life span many are able to eke out of their fish.

So how does the mating process take place?

What’s involved exactly?

Details. We want details. Please.

Okay enough already. Here are some sensual scenes clipped from a variety of Betta Reality TV episodes.

Scene #1: The male betta spots the girl betta of his dreams and tries to sweep her off her feet, errr fins. Our wannabe Lothario puts on quite a sensual display as he twists his body, flares his gills, and spreads his flashy, flowing fins. The idea being to produce that strong, macho pose (impressive enough to satisfy any body builder) as best as he can so as to catch her eye. Showing off how righteous, virile and drop-dead gorgeous he is. All to suggest our Don Juan here would be a perfect mate for her – as he dims the lights.

Scene #2: The camera zooms in on the female safe behind a lamp globe. She takes note but doesn’t let on. What with the male being as subtle as a flashing neon sign it’s hard not to pick up on what’s going on out there in his domain – nasty as that might be. Behind the glass, she can afford to write him off as just another player even though she does admit to herself that he is kinda cute as this brief clip shows.

Scene #3: Lover boy then whispers to this audacious chick, when he’s close enough, that he’s so ready to take things to the next level. To prove it he sets about to tirelessly build the most bodacious bubble nest this female ever saw.

Of course given she’s likely never seen one before this could be a goal easily accomplished. Just don’t let our aroused male know that. He sets about to cover the surface of the tank with his handiwork – or so it seems. The bigger the better – in his eyes. So he knocks himself out. All the while thinking to himself this babe magnet stuff is hard work.

Gulp air. Add to nest. Gulp air. Add to nest. All that air gulping shows this IS much harder than it looks.

Scene #4: Home girl now notices Mr. Scaly Muscles’ efforts and takes note of his rockin’ bod. In response she darkens her colors just like any girl might blush in front of her crush. And in reply to the male inviting her to turn things up a notch, she curves herself back and forth approvingly. Ready or not she’s released from her glass enclosure to get up front and personal with our intrepid ladies’ man.

Does she play hard to get or what?

Does she show the expected signs of head down submission common in betta courtship?

Does the male accept her or become an all too real lady-killer, literally, tearing her fins to shreds?

Stay tuned.

Think they made a Love Connection?

Scene #5: Here’s a couple who’s courtship is further along. Prince Charming wraps his body around his Cinderella in a loving embrace. Usually around 10 to 15 eggs are released each time until all her eggs have been squeezed out of the blushing bride. Each time her lover races to scoop up as many as he can with his mouth to deposit them into the safety of the bubble nest. While she seems literally bewitched by his charms and awaits his return to her side.

And cut! That’s a wrap.

Having consummated their relationship, these two lovers will go back to acting like total strangers once again in no time and to think they’ve only just begun. Yet Romeo won’t call. What’s worse he will react to Juliet’s mere presence like she’s a mortal enemy. Or so it seems.

So before that unpleasantness can play out, a kiss for luck and she’s on her way. Separated for her own good and the good of the spawn because she might as easily go all cannibal on him. It’s time for a clean break for the sake of the kids? Now there’s a twist.

As you can see from these scenes from Betta Reality TV, betta fish make for tender lovers but not good long term mates. You might say they need work on their relationship skills to keep the love alive but I suspect even extended couples counseling can’t save this pair. Their conflict resolution abilities are severely lacking.

So at this point the male is left to tenderly care for the vulnerable fry. Making sure they remain safe and secure in the bubble nest for a few days anyway.

Then responsibility for care passes to you. Hope you are ready for what is to come. Because all eyes will be on you. As the babies at this point are all eyes and little more. And that’s just the beginning. In no time they will be quite a handful. But then again they are fighting fish.

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