Don’t Underestimate Fry Jar Maintenance

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Come closer. I’m going to let you in on the one thing that that trips up most budding betta breeders. Jar maintenance.

And just imagine the challenge if you’ve got even just 100 of these jars in place. You’ve got to maintain proper water temps or risk freezing your growing fry to death. And you’ll need to change the water and keep the jars clean. To say nothing of the twice daily (or more) feeding routine to encourage steady growth and proper fry development.

As Jim Sonnier has pointed out, this can be a big headache. Especially if you aren’t prepared for it. This article written by him gives you plenty to think about. Plenty.

Plus it only reinforces the idea that most betta keepers have no business even thinking about breeding their fish. Unless they’ve given it lots of thought, have done lots of research and have done their homework, not to mention spent a few hundred bucks getting everything needed to pull this off successfully. If not, like is often said on America’s Funniest Home Videos don’t try this at home.

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