Simple Spawning Tanks That Are Not Aquariums

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Usually you see properly set up betta breeding tanks done in 10 or 15 gallon aquariums with three to four inches of water depth. However as this video shows you don’t have to over complicate the breeding tank. Get a backstage view of the simple super simple set up used by a very successful breeder.

Just to make sure you got them, let me repeat the various takeaways you don’t want miss.

The biggest one is you don’t have to spawn bettas in more traditional tanks. In this case a simple plastic tote picked up at Walmart cheap serves as the spawning tank. And can house the resulting fry for about a month.

The amber colored water was obtained using Almond leaves.

The bottom is siphoned from time to time to remove the debris and help to maintain water quality.

Snails are included to eat the uneaten food.

Also take note of what she is after. She is willing to sacrifice the color she was breeding for for form. Probably assuming the color can be recovered later.

When done, cleaning consists of bleaching and then thorough rinsing. Then the set up used for breeding is explained which includes bubble wrap of all things.

NOTE: A reptile heating mat is used under the tanks to heat them. Don’t just glance over this one because it neatly solves the “keeping things at the proper temperature” problem without having to buy a slew of submersible heaters. Oh and instead of a glass hurricane lamp globe she uses a soda bottle with the top and bottom cut off to house the female during the pairs getting to know you period. That’s not necessarily an approach you see very often either when tips on breeding bettas are shared.

There’s one other advantage to this type of set up. You can easily move the fry to your 30 gallon grow out tank without involving netting the fish when they are at a fragile stage of life.

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