The Best Reason For Not Breeding Pet Store Bettas

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Do you know the most important thing you’ll do when breeding bettas? Simple, it’s selecting primo, A-1 breeding stock to release into your carefully prepped breeding tank. Which is why you want to get the best fish you can afford, buying from a top notch breeder known for producing premium bettas, if at all possible.

So if you have a hankering to get into breeding please repeat after me, “I will not buy some random, rescue, veiltails from Walmart and try to breed those.” At least that’s the gist of this video:

As is pointed out, there are IBC criteria that fish have to meet to be considered in essence show or breeding quality. The veiltails you can pick up at the big box pet stores, or LPS even, are more or less considered “mutts” or common bettas. They are certainly are not show worthy as they simply are not in the same class as the incomparable halfmoon, peerless plakats and other absolutely amazing show fish you can readily get your hands on.

Beyond that this vid make a great point as to why you want to spend a few more bucks to get great fish and not breed pet store bettas. It concerns the time and effort required. Point being, why raise common male veiltails that are at best pet quality, that next to no one will want even if you are giving them away unless they are to destined to be used as feeder fish, when for the same amount of time and effort you can raise drop dead gorgeous, breeding quality bettafish?

In other words you’ve got to have the same live food, like microworms and baby brine shrimp, for the fry, maintain the same grow out tank, make the same frequent water changes, do all the jarring or have sufficient betta barracks for the increasingly rowdy and rambunctious males you are developing, whether you’re raising star quality dragon HMPKs or pitiful VTs.

So the BIG IDEA being made here is that for a relatively small investment you can pick up a top notch male and female betta fish you can breed and then turn around and maybe even sell the offspring from yourself if you wish. That, aspiring betta breeder, is the real reason why you should not be breeding pet store fish.

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