Dumb Idea: Bettas in a Vase

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Let’s put to rest the idea that bettas in a vase draped with a peace lily are a good thing. They aren’t. This video lays out a couple of the the drawbacks to this living arrangement.

Okay so you should pick up the following reasons why this might not be such a hot idea.

Smaller than one gallon is bad for your betta.

No surface for breathing is bad for your betta.

Beyond that most instructions for setting up a betta in a vase suggest that the fish can live off pecking at the roots. And that water changes are unnecessary. The fish is supposed to live off the plant and the plant off the waste produced by the fish. Sounds good and all but it’s still bad for your veiltail betta. Reality is usually the fish dies of starvation and you’re left with a peace lily in water.

Ignoring that drawback, you can’t heat the vase leaving the fish to tough it out in cold water. This leaves it more susceptible to disease. And putting it in a sunny window thinking this is a good idea is also kind of dumb too because then you’ve got temps that yo-yo up and down leaving your fish worse off than if was simply freezing all the time.

It’s amazing that some still think this is a good arrangement for your pet. If the best you can do is a betta in a vase you’re better off without a pet. What makes this bad idea even worse is thinking this could be a good low maintenance gift. Ack!

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