Healthy Bettas Are….

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Taking care of your betta right sets the stage for maximum longevity. Not only that, but a healthy bettafish is happier, more interesting, more engaged, and just an all-around better pet as this video suggests.

Points packed into this brief video to take with you would include:

  • Contrary to what some may tell you betas can survive in a bowl or vase. Just not very well. So why push it? Stop messing with such tiny betta barracks. Get them in a tank.
  • Bettas prefer long stringy, viney type plants. Makes for great hide and seek. (Interesting. They also like plants like java fern that can support them while they sleep.)
  • Whatever you do do not use lava rocks in your tank. The rough edges are hard on the fish.
  • A sign of a healthy, happy male halfmoon or crowntail betta is a bubble nest blowing beta.

Otherwise it helps to remember that each beta will have its own unique personality. That said, the more healthy fighting fish share some traits in common such as.

  • Normal and flowing, as opposed to tightly clamped fins.
  • Actively swims around it’s tank.
  • Everything looks normal, eyes, gills, fins, body and belly.
  • Fins aren’t raggedy on the edges.
  • Not pale, has vibrant bright colors.
  • Eats like a small horse. Always has a voracious appetite.

If those traits are found lacking, it’s likely your fighter with flowing fins isn’t fit as a fiddle. Suggesting you might want to be a bit more diligent about the water changes for one. Or making sure his tank is properly heated for another. Things like that work to insure maximum life span for your finny betta fish.

About Lucas
Putting a name with a face I'm Lucas Smatana. Like you I'm passionate about betta fish and hope to share my enthusiasm. The idea here is to make sure you get helpful info and useful ideas on betta fish care that really work. To insure your betta keeping experience is a good one both for you and your fish. So that you and your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy relationship.

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One Response to “Healthy Bettas Are….”

  1. christine says:

    Love your betta tips….I have had mine “red willy” for a year and have done what I think he likes….he is in a 3 gallon bowl….my cats play with him….he has lots of plants to hide in though…and change water when it starts to look cloudy…always have water sitting out in the same room to change his tank quickly. I think I will step up on his food though, I have just been feeding him pellets sparingly because I heard overfeeding is a no no, so there are live things he would like to eat? yuk but if he likes it I will give it a go.

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