How to Make a Java Moss Carpet

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If you are looking at adding a bit of greenery to the bottom of your betta tank, java moss is a good choice of plants. But until it is established, it can be a bit unstable. Okay it can be about as stable as a Kardashian marriage. This video shows how to stabilize it so it grows where you want it to grow creating the effect you want to create.

Video Takeaways:

Two approaches are demonstrated.

Basically with the first you are going to tie small bunches of the moss to smaller rocks and then situating them on the bottom of the tank.

Over time the java or peacock moss will spread out and take root as it were.

It’s suggested you use cotton thread as it will break down in the tank rather than nylon fishing line which does not. (If you use green thread it won’t be as obvious either.)

Having the moss on smaller rocks gives you flexibility. As you can move the rocks around your aquascape if you want to change things up a bit.

The second method uses bigger pieces of slate. Once again you tie the bits of moss onto this.

Either way over time the moss will fill in any gaps creating the carpeted effect you seek.

The third way would involve plastic mesh or fabric mesh. In this case you fold the mesh in half, open it, stick the moss inside, close it up, tie the open end shut and then weigh it down on the bottom of the aquarium.

If you want to do more of a moss wall, this video shows you how to do that with plastic canvas.

Reasons behind the java moss’s popularity in 10 seconds or less.

Good beginner plant. Nothing special required. Hardy. Grows fast. Nice color. No strong lighting required not even a watt/gallon required for it to do well. No fertilizing needed. If there is a downside that would be how prolifically it grows. It’s also consumer nitrates.

Anyway a moss carpet can soften the look of your tank while adding an esthetically pleasing bit of greenery. Many feel it’s a nice effect. If you try this things should be looking greener in a couple of months.

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