Seven Things Healthy Bettas Expect

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As pets go bettas don’t require loads of your time. But, as you’d expect, if you want them to thrive there are some simple things you need to do. This video covers how to keep your betta healthy, and then offers a couple two three ways to keep them happily engage as well. Ideas you won’t want to miss.

Here are some of the bettafish care takeaways or what you might call things bettas expect:

  • Set them up in at least a five gallon tank.
  • Hiding places can be as simple as a plastic cup or as natural as live plants. Either way they provide a place halfmoon bettas can feel secure.
  • Filtration matters as it can house beneficial bacteria that can help reduce the levels of lethal ammonia in the water.
  • Any ornaments you add should not have sharp edges. Aside for aesthetics, such items give your curious female veiltail things to explore cutting down on betta boredom. That’s always a good idea. One your pet appreciates.
  • A lid can keep your crowntail in the tank and your cats out of it. A helpful tip to keep water from your filter is suggested as well.
  • You want a heater to keep the water temps, well, tropical. Somewhere between 70-80 degrees F is suggested. (I’d suggest you stay at the higher end of that range.)
  • Having Almond leaves in the tank can be quite beneficial. They contain chemical that can help keep your betta healthy naturally. Making them the perfect tonic for what ails your fish.
  • Water quality is another important element of beta fish happiness. Ammonia is a killer and you should test the water regularly using the test kit pictured.

Now the last quarter of the video covers such things a trick teaching, various types of food to offer and so forth. While important I felt these points were more important. Since too many betta keepers readily skip some of this stuff and then wonder why their fish died.

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Putting a name with a face I'm Lucas Smatana. Like you I'm passionate about betta fish and hope to share my enthusiasm. The idea here is to make sure you get helpful info and useful ideas on betta fish care that really work. To insure your betta keeping experience is a good one both for you and your fish. So that you and your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy relationship.

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