Two Somewhat Offbeat Betta Longevity Tips

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The ideas presented in this video are a bit different. Let me admit that upfront. The claim is that to extend the life of your fish, one they need more veggies and two they need sufficient exercise. What’s next a Richard Simmons betta workout vid?

Okay so it’s not THAT out of line. Peas have been used by betta keepers to resolve constipation issues forever. But to me that’s not what this person is suggesting.

For one, this betta keeper likes to keep the fish within eyesight of each other – just in separate bowls. The fish take note of the other and react accordingly. Keeps them on their toes and on the make – according to her. Okay. Might be a bit stressful but it is an approach.

The second notion of offering a quarter of a pea three or four days in a row followed by a bout of protein like blood worms, brine shrimp or something along those lines doesn’t seem to me to be all that nutritionally complete. She doesn’t recommend pellets or flakes. Again it’s an approach. Just not one I’d recommend.

Let’s look at the ideas and you might see why I can’t endorse this approach to betta keeping. Although I will stipulate, that given the fact she’s had these fish for three and one year respectively means she is doing something is right. My guess would be their water quality is high if on the chilly side – note you see no heater in those bowls. Just not so sure her attribution of peas and close proximity to other bettas is exactly on track. But her success is a testament to the hardiness of this species.

Like many, I feel that being in constant proximity of other males can be tiring and stressful for your typical male veiltail. Having adrenaline constantly coursing through your system can’t be exactly healthy. This is in part why bettas in the stores look so lifeless. They are tired from all the flaring at their surrounding bowl mates and from being cold. Very cold. Plus their water quality sucks. Doesn’t exactly sound like a prescription for a long life span, no does it?

Then there is nothing wrong with giving your betta a bit of green pea, ONCE A WEEK. It can help clean out their digestive tract and minimize the risk of constipation. Just not a fan of a more vegetarian diet as this person is. Bettas are carnivores. They need meat. And pellets any more ARE a nutritionally complete diet that include the meat that millions of bettas thrive on in tanks across the world.

Still this video shows there is more than one way to skin a cat, errr sorry all bettas reading this out there, it shows there may be more than one path to success with betta fish.

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