Water Quality: API Test Kit In Action

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It’s not hard to use an API test kit that tests you tank water for levels of ammonia, nitrate, nitrites, and the pH. This video shows you how.

There are several tips worth noting.

The first tip is to use a syringe to fill the vials which makes it easier to get the precise amount of water for testing. The other advantage if you have more than one tank, and one syringe for each, you aren’t risking cross contamination.

The Ammonia Test: Fill the vile to the correct level. You want to hold the bottles of reactant vertically to get drops that are consistent in size and add however many the label tells you to. Then shake for five seconds. Then set it aside because it will take five minutes to get the reading of ammonia levels.

The Nitrite Test: Again fill the vile to the correct level and add the required drops of testing solution. Five seconds of shaking later you can let that one sit and react.

The Nitrate Test: Same process as before only this time you need to shake one of the solution bottles before adding to the test vial. Then shake the vial. Then add the second solution and now shake for 60 seconds.

The pH Test: Fill the vial to the correct level, add the drops and read the results. No waiting.

The desired readings for ammonia and nitrites should be zero. It’s critical you get them there and keep them there.

How often must you do this? For best results, you want to check you water parameters weekly. Your fish have to live in it so the least you can do is test it to make sure everything is at optimal levels for the success of your betta keeping efforts. Now you should have an idea how to use a water test kit to keep things where they should be.

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