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Simple Spawning Tanks That Are Not Aquariums

Here’s a cheap yet efficient way to set up a spawning tanks that you likely haven’t thought of or seen before.


Betta Reality TV: Graphic Betta Fish Breeding Scenes

Betta courtship can be mesmerizing. Especially when it is caught on tape. If you want to see how it is done don’t miss this one.


Betta Bubble Nest – the Rest of the Story

Those new to bettas may not understand bubble nest building. Here the idea is to go over questions typically asked to help with your understanding. Get the hows, whys and if size matters here.


Betta Fish Bubble Nest: Does Your Betta Build One?

Should the presence of bubbles on the top of your betta’s tank be taken as a good sign? Why is he doing this now? Get some often misunderstood insights about bubble nests in your male betta’s aquarium.


How to Go About Breeding Betta Fish

TweetShare This With FriendsAs I’ve said elsewhere, unless you’re breeding beta fish it’s best to keep males away from the females. The only time you want the sexes to mingle is when you’re breeding beta fish. Even then most experienced breeders usually only leave the male and female together for as long as it takes […]

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