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Eye Opening Video on Betta Fish Diseases and Treatments

TweetShare This With FriendsIs your understanding of diseases that strike down bettas up to snuff? I ask because for many betta keepers it’s not if your gorgeous electric blue veiltail is going to get sick – it’s when. And if you aren’t prepared in advance with a few diagnostic and treatment skills, so you know […]


Help! My Betta Has Clamped Fins

TweetShare This With FriendsIt’s a cry for help you see asked often. “My betta’s fins are clamped shut. What’s wrong with it?” This is most typically asked by a somewhat desperate betta owner because the betta who used to shimmy and shake excitedly when they draw near to his tank now just sits in a […]


Easily Avoid the More Common Betta Fish Diseases With Better Betta Fish Care

You can’t treat what you don’t recognize. Typical betta fish diseases include fin rot, ich and constipation. Find out how to tell your beta is sick, what might have caused it, and what to do about it.


Sick Betta Fish Suspected?

Betta fish usually get sick because their water is cold, low quality or both. Get some questions to ask yourself, a trick to try you wouldn’t think would help, as well as ways to keep your betta healthy in the first place.

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