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The Anatomy of One Primo Betta Barracks Sump Setup

A sump is used to filter the water you then recycle back to the individual barracks. It depends on mechanical, bio, and chemical filtration to keep the levels of toxins low and safe. There are many ways to get there from here. Here is one of them.


Bio Bale Tips For Your Betta Barracks Sump

Continuing the look at bio filtration media, the next stop is bio bale. Cheap and offering loads of surface area why else should you give it serious consideration in your sump?


Of Bio Balls and Other Filtration Media

Various kinds of filter media are used in sumps. Bio balls are one of them. But they can’t work if you don’t filter the solids out of the water before it hits the bio balls. Find out more about filter media so you can make the best use of whatever you choose to work with.

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