Eye Opening Video on Betta Fish Diseases and Treatments

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Is your understanding of diseases that strike down bettas up to snuff?

I ask because for many betta keepers it’s not if your gorgeous electric blue veiltail is going to get sick – it’s when. And if you aren’t prepared in advance with a few diagnostic and treatment skills, so you know what to do, your fish is pretty much doomed.

That’s right. And sorry to be so blunt. But it should come as no big surprise when the fate of these ailing fish rests in the hands of the clueless and ill informed, that so many betas are sent off to the afterlife with a sound the TidyBowl man would recognize as they circle their white porcelain fountain one final time.

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. For instance I found this gem of a video that can help you move up in class and to be more informed when it comes to betta diseases. So that if despite your best efforts at keeping water quality high, maintaining proper tank temps (note tank not bowl) and such your charge succumbs to one of the all too common betta fish diseases you’ll have a better idea what you’re dealing with and what you best treatment options are.

And let me give a big shout out to Lone Star Bettas for creating this fabulous power point presentation and posting it on YouTube. What this video may lack in cinematic special effects it more than makes up for with quality content.

(WARNING: There are some nasty looking images in this video. This may not be suitable for the squeamish or fainthearted.)

Okay so here’s just some of the betta care insights you can gain from this video. Which not only includes symptoms and treatment options but actual photos of fish with the disease in most cases. Which can’t but help make your first hand attempts at diagnosis that much easier.

Recognize the signs your betta might be sick.

Get four causes of diseases that strike bettas.

Then here’s a list of common problems covered, many with photographs.

  • Columnaris (with photo)
  • Dropsy (with photo)
  • External Parasites (with photo)
  • Fin Rot (with photo)
  • Ich (with photo)
  • Internal Parasites
  • Popeye (with photo)
  • Swim Bladder Disorder (SBD) (with photo)
  • Septicemia (with photo)
  • Velvet (with photo)

Plus you get a list of must-have medications you should have in your Betta First Aid Kit including anti bacterial, anti fungal, and cure alls.

Learn the steps to take to manage diseases.

I hope you can see why I was really excited to find this Power Point presentation covering betta diseases and treatments. The details speak for themselves. This is one super helpful presentation. In fact you may want to book mark this page for future reference. Because you’ll never know when you’re going to have a play a fish doctor for real, and not on TV.

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