Quick Q&A Betta Fish Care FAQ

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  • Question: What is the scientific name for betta fish?
  • Answer: Betta splendens
  • Question: Where do betta fish come from?
  • Answer: Cambodia, Thailand Southeast Asia.
  • Question: How big can they get?
  • Answer: The body can reach two and a half to three inches in length – not including fins.
  • Question: What is their diet?
  • Answer: It’s best they have live foods. They can also have flakes and frozen foods.
  • Question: How do they breed?
  • Answer: They lay eggs in a bubble nest.
  • Question: What should be the water pH be?
  • Answer: 6.8 to 7.4.
  • Question: What about water temperature range?
  • Answer: Seventy-five to eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Question: How can you tell the males from the females?
  • Answer: Males are usually more colorful and have long, flowing fins.
  • Question: How many bettas can be in one tank?
  • Answer: There should be just one male per tank. There’s no limit on the number of females as long as there is enough room. But 4-6 is a good number of females.
  • Question: Do bettas need special equipment?
  • Answer: They don’t need air filters. A heater might be good because they like warm water. If there’s room, you can put in caves and plants for them to hide in when frightened.
  • Question: Are there any special considerations?
  • Answer: Clean water. Leftover food and fish poop that accumulates on the bottom should be kept out of the tank. A turkey baster will do this. If left, the debris will decay and pollute the water. This can cause the fish to get sick with fin rot which bettas are susceptible to.

There you have it. A pretty fair beta fish FAQ section, don’t you think?

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Putting a name with a face I'm Lucas Smatana. Like you I'm passionate about betta fish and hope to share my enthusiasm. The idea here is to make sure you get helpful info and useful ideas on betta fish care that really work. To insure your betta keeping experience is a good one both for you and your fish. So that you and your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy relationship.

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  1. Kai says:

    I suspect that the barber who gave me my betta fish, had it fighting. I’ve noticed some of its fins are missing, in other words it is not full. What can I do to help it heal back to itself. I have 3 days with it. I’ve read that you said that a 8 gallon tank is better. I went back to see how big the “MY FIRST FUN FISH TANK”, and it is only 1/2 gallon, I guess that is too small for Buddy. What is the best size tank would you suggest?. Thanks in advance.

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