Uncommon Betta Fish Names

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The appeal of betta fish is obvious, isn’t it? Available in all colors of the rainbow makes them shimmering radiant beauties. Unlike dogs they don’t bark. And they are relatively low maintenance. Is it any wonder then that betta aficionados covet them for their flowing fin quality and graceful swimming style.

Getting attached to these breathtaking beauties is easy. Which must account for why betta fish names are eagerly applied to these finny friends. And there are many ways you can go about it. The hope is you find one that matches your fish or their personality. Which makes this task harder than you might imagine.

Some name bettas by color. So say you have a shimmering white metallic betta. Ghost or Casper might be two possibilities. Kids might go with something as simple as Greenie for a fish displaying green coloration. Or you might like Blood for a dark red betta.

Another way to go would be by the size or shape of their fins. Phineas might be a play on words you could go with. Or Dork would be a play on the elegant dorsal fin and Mork the TV show.

Speaking of which, fish movie stars might cause you to select something like Nemo.

These tiny gladiators may have you taking on a more Roman theme. Gladius might be fitting. It’s Latin for Gladiator. Caesar might be a be a applicable moniker if you wanted a name to symbolize how your betta is the absolute ruler of his domain.

You might find Sunshine to be appropriate for a female betta with a bright personality. That or Merry. Some find matching a name to the way their fish acts in the tank to be a good source of inspiration.

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