Color My World: Colors of Betta Splendens

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You’re wondering about the colors of betta splendens? You kidding me or what? There is practically no limit to the colors of betta splendens can be seen sporting.

Betta colors would include everything from a fiercely red, to a buttery yellow, to a brilliant steely blue, cobalt blue or softer turquoise blue, to a black with hints of green, to an iridescent violet to a on occasion a hard- to-describe ghostly off-white.

They can come sporting a pattern called marbling. Which is like a motley mix of two colors that you gotta see to believe since words can’t adequately describe the colors of betta splendens under this category. Or in an even more distinct patterns termed “butterfly”bettas.

There are two-tone bettas, iridescent bettas and multi-colored bettas. Dressed to kill (literally) like glittering ballroom dancers

Splendid Colors of Betta Splendens

This is a three minute plus video. Only the most ardent betta keepers will watch it all.

But as you can see there are some amazingly striking fish to be seen here.

Fish that will take your breath away.

Colors you will never see at your big box pet store.

So if all you’ve seen is bettas in pet stores or Walmart you’ve no where seen how glamorously colored they can be when bred by enthusiasts. Fish rasied for competition typically have fuller fins, brighter and purer colors than fish- store bettas. Which are often times culls from breeders. Which I guess is a better fate than being feed to Ralph the hungry Oscar in the tank down the hall.

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