Here There Be Dragons

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This breath taking one minute Betta splendens video, that combines stills with live action, gives you plenty of time to take in the splendid coloration that is a dragon betta. Most often seen in the plakat body form, this one is full of potential and guile.

These guys are so named because of the visual emphasis on their scales which I felt that video showed quite clearly. They are a stand out feature. What you could describe as very pronounced on the bodies of these bettas bringing to mind what the scales on the body of a real dragon might look like.

A fairly recent edition to the color palette, dragons are a iridescent color type which again seems to emphasize each individual scale. Classically, if you can use that word with a recent breeding innovation, but classically these were seen initially in bettas in the blue color family, steel, royal or turquoise. But any more this color type, with what is termed thick silver or white scaling, has extended to most colors although it is more pronounced, at least so it seems to me, in the darker colored fish. Especially the coppers.

Being a newer color type, breeders have just begun to dazzle us with the possibilities. New color combinations as well as new patterns are emerging seemingly daily. This page from shows some of the amazing things coming to a tank near you. If you have an outsized wallet to be able to afford them.
Plakats are generally more active than the long finned version, not being hampered down with excessive finnage

While this article, among others found online, has its origins from an issue of Flare magazine from the IBC. It shows images of many of the more common color variations you will see. And they are truly amazing.

In any case, do you think you might want to try your hand at painting on the color canvas of the bettas known as dragons?

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