They Finally Arrived! The Great Unboxing

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If you are ever lucky enough to get your hands on some exceptional betta fish from a first rate breeder the day the box arrived with them inside will stick in your mind forever. It will be like Christmas in, well, you fill in the month. Your expectations will be high as you open the box to see firsthand what’s inside. It can be a heady moment.

The event can also be anxiety filled. As you can’t wait to make sure your fish isn’t DOA. (If it isn’t you want to get it acclimated ASAP.) The odds of which are minimized provided you ship Express Overnight. Pretty much a MUST do if all situations.

Then too there may be a bit of doubt the fish won’t be as presented. You know the ole bait and switcheroo?

In the Northern US the winter months can be slow for betta shipping. Some domestic breeders know it’s an iffy time to be shipping fish when it’s cold out. Not to mention what bad weather can do to airline flight schedules. Or what the Christmas package rush can do at the Post Office. Much better to hold off until April when all those concerns have been put aside for another year.

Anyway here’s the Great Unboxing for one lucky buyer of bettas online.

See how well this was packed? Something to keep in mind should you be a seller of bettas someday.

And note how the excitement level increased at the sight of an extra fish. Think this will help cement the relationship with the buyer? And what’s it cost? Likely not much. The bonus fish was likely not quite good enough to be sold. Yet it’s still better than anything you might find locally. Way better. So rather than feed it to Mouth the Oscar, this breeder did a smart thing. Threw it in as an unexpected bonus. Much to the delight of the buyer.

Here’s another one. Pretty much the same reaction, if more subdued, from adults. People just love opening their bettas. Why else would they video them and post them online?

Here again there’s a point to notice. Note the ratio of oxygen to water in the bag here. As long as when the bag is on its side the fish is still mostly covered this is a good way to ship. This is a thermal insulated box with a heat pack. Again done to keep the fish reasonably warm during their trip.

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  1. Cindy Mujahid says:

    I can not get over the fact that fish are shipped in the mail! Amazing!!

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