Feeding Beta Fish

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One thing to keep in mind when feeding beta fish. Seems bettas have relatively fast metabolisms but their stomachs are about the size of their eyes. Which means betta fish are best off eating small meals.

So when it comes to feeding beta fish only feed what they can scarf down in 30 seconds to one minute.

Betta Fish Feeding Schedule

As far as a feeding schedule for beta fish goes, most feed twice a day. Three times at most. Again small “happy meal” portion sizes. Not a seven course banquet.

Variety Is Key

There’s another consideration when feeding bettas. You want to feed a variety of foods. You may find from feeding your bettas that they are sorta picky. They take in a mouthful only to spit it out.

There is more on the specifics of feeding betta fish on other pages of this site. For instance this page on what do bettas eat gets into a variety of menu items. While this one on what do betta fish eat comes at the topic from a slightly different angle. Not to mention in more depth.

Just remember this. After water quality and beta care how you go about feeding beta fish will determine how much success you have with them.

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