Surprising Betta Fish Food Choices

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Which Food For Betta Fish Is Best?

Specially formulated betta fish food is likely the staple diet you’re going to want to feed your bettas. Yet some would tell you that feeding live food to your betta is just about the best thing you can do for them next to maintaining above average water quality.

What to do?

Well, perhaps the best answer when it comes to the question about food for betta fish is variety is best. Like all, offering dietary variation avoids boredom too when it comes to betta fish food. And mixing in a little live action for these ostentatious carnivores certainly can’t hurt.

One betta favorite from the live food aisle is bloodworms.

Just keep in mind that two or three of these guys is about right. That’s a meal. More than that and you’ve unwittingly opened an all you can eat betta buffet. Problem is bettas can’t help themselves. If they see bloodworms they feel obligated to eat bloodworm.

Not sure what they look like? Why not take a peak?

Bloodworms Up Front and Personal

Live bloodworms tend to be high in protein. Making them a great treat, but not something your fish should get a steady diet of for the most part. Because doing so only increases the risk of bloating or constipation. Plus being mostly water, they aren’t exactly a nutrition dense food either.

But betta do love their live food as their 30 second feeding frenzy clip shows

While the first few seconds of this video shows a sorority tank of female bettas making short work of worms.

Clearly you don’t want to be between your betta and their bloodworms. Obviously.

But wait! You can even teach your bettas to jump for their bloodworms as this video shows:

Okay so greedy little gluttons relish their bloodworms.

Typically you can buy these at your local pet store. Yet many simply find it more convenient and practical to feed frozen ones.

But they are not something, like say brine shrimp, that you can cultivate on your own. Unless you have your own midge flies handy. Since bloodworms are nothing more than the larval stage of those mosquito like insects.

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