Gut Loaded White Worms Galore

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This video presents a simple and straightforward method to raise an endless supply of nutritious white worms for your bettas.

Here are the ideas to take away from this clip:

You want to feed the worms whole wheat bread slathered with plain organic yogurt. Plus some algae wafers. (Brand names you might look for on the wafers would be Aqaurian or Hikari.)

The proof of the ease and success of this method is how many worms he can harvest from his system. He has four grow out containers and he can grab a bountiful harvest of well fed, gut loaded worms every other day.

Gut Loading Defined: Using worms that have been fattened up, if you would, as a way to deliver a gutload of nutrients, ie vitamins and minerals to your fish. White worms are what they eat which is why whole wheat bread and organic yogurt are used. In other words to make the worms more nutritious what they eat needs to be nutritious as well. Actually what they ate last is what your fish are going to get because what they have in their bellies will soon be in the bellies of your fish. Pretty interesting concept if you think about it.

You have to keep harvesting. Otherwise the culture will crash and burn from overpopulation.

Simply situate the food under some plastic needlepoint mesh, putting the pieces of bread yogurt side down. Drop in the algae wafers randomly. Spritz all with a bit of water. Cover with the plastic mesh. Viola! Nothing to it.

Holes are drilled around the top lip of the containers to insure they get enough air. White worms also need to be kept cool. And to keep them at 55-60 degrees F, which is where they do best, you’ll need a wine cooler. You can pick one of those up for under $100 usually, or for much less even off Craigslist if you are patient. And since they aren’t trying to maintain the same temps as your refrig these cooler don’t burn a lot of electricity making them easy on the electric bill.

The concept here is you can set up a system involving three or four culture containers so that you have a constant source of live food economically grown. You simply rotate the harvesting from one grow out container to the next day to day. The one you harvest from today is left to recover and replenish the population over the next few days. In essence you’re creating a never ending microworm bonanza that can be scaled up or down depending on how many fish you need to feed.

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