Quick Betta Feeding Tips

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Those into keeping bettas quickly learn that aside from water quality, success with these guys rests with knowing what to feed them. Not just any food will do. And while this video doesn’t go heavy into the ins and outs of feeding betta fish, this short clip will help you begin get up to speed on how and what to feed.

Ideas to take away from this video:

  1. Ever notice a betta’s mouth? It helps to understand they are designed as surface feeders and their mouth is shaped to feed there.
  2. Too many find flake foods are not well received. But this type of food is counter to their instincts. Pellets are more to their liking.
  3. Some feel live foods work better. Brine shrimp, tubiflex worms, and such are good. (If you’ve never seen newly hatched brine shrimp there’s a shot of a cylinder of those in this video.) The downsides of live foods is the potential for parasites and that any left uneaten can negatively impact water quality.
  4. An alternative to live food is frozen. Just remember to only thaw enough for one feeding.
  5. The emphasis here is on a variety of food. (Just be aware that some would suggest today’s pellets make this unnecessary. And that variety isn’t necessary to get a balanced diet but more to introduce things as treats and to insure the fish don’t get tired of their everyday diet.) It’s also true that live food alone is not going to give them all the nutrients they need.
  6. Don’t over feed. Two to three pellets is sufficient for even an adult veiltails. (The size of the fish should dictate the amount you feed. Most tend to overfeed than underfeed.) Then too overfeeding results in constipated bettas which isn’t a necessarily a good thing.
  7. Fighting fish living in community tanks may not fare well at the dinner table because other fish may out compete them for the food. For this reason you may want to train them to come to a certain spot in the tank where you can drop a pellet or two just for them. While putting food for the other fish at another part of the tank so the betta can eat in peace.

There is lots of other info on this site about feeding. This is just the quick and dirty Cliff Notes version on betta feeding. Helpful hints for those newer to betta keeping who may not be aware there is lots more it than just dropping in some flakes and going on with their day.

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Putting a name with a face I'm Lucas Smatana. Like you I'm passionate about betta fish and hope to share my enthusiasm. The idea here is to make sure you get helpful info and useful ideas on betta fish care that really work. To insure your betta keeping experience is a good one both for you and your fish. So that you and your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy relationship.

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One Response to “Quick Betta Feeding Tips”

  1. Frank Weatherly says:

    I was told by aquatic guy at store fo feed the betta on Tues & Sat and to use dried bloodworms (2-3)per feeding. You recommend this food as a treat and suggest daily feeding? I just purchased my betta
    A couple days ago and want to get it right from the start. Today was his first feeding and he wasn’t to excited about it. I would appreciate
    Any tips you may offer.

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