Raising Daphnia in a Bucket Quick Guide

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This brief, two minute video shows you how to culture daphnia in something as basic as an old bucket. It goes into a simple set up, what to put in to get things started, how to feed and then how to harvest. A noncommercial recipe for daphnia chow is also provided. The idea here is to keep two buckets going at the same time. As the population in one inevitably declines it’s easy to rev it up again following the process suggested.

Admittedly you are going to get way more of these tiny crustaceans than you’ll likely need for one or two betta fish. But once set up, the process more or less goes on without much, if any, input from you, other than harvesting and revitalizing. And if you’ve got a few buddies with bettas, then you can all benefit from your autopilot efforts.

Oh and if you need daphnia culture here’s an online daphnia culture source that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s cited as pretty reliable around the web. Or here’s another daphnia culture resource you might try that’s pretty decent too.

So enough with “pellets only” diet already! If you want to jazz up the menu of things fed to your energetic crowntail, maybe daphnia would be just what the doctor ordered. Look at it as a change of pace that ignites his hunting instincts. It’s also a great way to give him a break from the pellets again? routine that stretches on day after day boring the poor guy out of his mind.

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