Simple DIY Adult Brine Shrimp Grow Out Process

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Okay so despite the fact that this guy should have put his teleprompter closer to his camera so he doesn’t appear to be looking to our right reading his script for the first 52 seconds, this video still offers some very valuable ideas for raising brine shrimp to adulthood for next to nothing. So don’t let that technical glitch in his approach turn you off from watching this one in its entirety.

Here’s some of the ideas you want to take away from this.

  • Put the water you’ve used to hatch your brine shrimp into a plastic bucket. Or tub. You want it to be filled half way to the top. He uses a two bucket system.
  • Situate your buckets to they get morning sunlight rather than the rip-the-hide-off-an-elephant hot afternoon sun. Any resulting natural algae growth is what the shrimp feed on.
  • Cover the buckets with fluorescent light covers to keep critters and bigger sticks and leaves out.
  • To harvest you simply use a standard issue fish net and a plastic container with fresh water to net the shrimp into. Swish the net around the bucket and deposit the catch into your containter.
  • He claims to harvest from a bucket for three to six weeks before the system collapses. At that point he dumps the bucket and turns his harvesting to the second one while starting over in the bucket just dumped. This way you’ve always got a harvest from bucket and a fresh developing one.

Note, I’ve feed yeast to keep the shrimp going longer. Or here’s a simple recipe based on baby food you can try as well.

In the video comments he suggested feeding the baby brine shrimp spirulina powder and Selcon. You can get the Selcon off Amazon or Ebay for less than $15 for smallish bottle of the stuff. A drop a day is all it takes to feed your bucket of shrimp. Still a small price to pay for fresh shrimp to feed your betta fish.

You can run this operation outside all summer long until the tubs freeze over. When it gets too cold you simply move the entire set up inside. Put a florescent light over it and continue growing your own adult brine shrimp like before. Leave the light on around the clock. You’ll also want to add a weighted airline to keep the water moving when doing this inside.

By using this simple two bucket process you can produce all the adult shrimp delicacies your bettas will ever need. And for a fraction of what you’d have to pay to buy live adult brine shrimp. Just imagine how excited you’ll be to be able to deliver a shrimp sized meal to your fish like this video of teeming adult shrimp shows.

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