Simple Brine Shrimp Hatchery System

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This very detailed video lays out the three steps needed to build, and I use that word loosely, but to build your very own baby brine shrimp (BBS) hatchery. Nothing could be easier. You get a supplies list and a recipe for the hatching solution. It’s all broken down into three steps.

Step 1) First you’ve got to make your hatchery
Step 2) Then mix the hatching solution
Step 3) Finally, how to hatch ‘n harvest

It’s really that easy. Everything you need to know is laid out for you.

The BBS eggs will hatch in about 12 hours. They can go 6 hours beyond that without being fed. You want to feed them to your betta fry ASAP. Fresh baby brine shrimp are most nutritious.

TIP: Get the best brine shrimp eggs you can buy. The higher the guaranteed hatch rate the better the quality. This is the key to success here.

Source of Eggs: Most everyone suggests brineshrimpdirect. Reputable. Reliable. Ready source of BBS eggs.

The first step details how to set up the physical hatchery and the base to use to stabilize the hatchery itself. The nice thing about this approach is there is next to no chance of any vessel leakage and the mess that results. And the basic materials are likely sitting around your house right now making them free!

The hatching solution is what your shrimp will live in. It’s important to use non-iodized table salt in the amounts suggested. Remember the rule of thumb for the sale is about 25 grams per liter. Don’t worry, no metric wizardry required. The amount of salt is laid out by the tablespoon. Foolproof simple. And don’t forget to use the pH stabilizer as explained.

TIP: You want to make sure you rigid bit of air line stays at the bottom. Otherwise eggs will fall beneath it, not be circulated and as a result die instead of hatching. Clipping or taping it in place insures this will not happen.

A nice explanation about dried shrimp eggs offers an explanation as to why these eggs can remain dormant for years. Interesting stuff.

Optimum hatching temps are provided. But again don’t worry. If you don’t hit them hatching time is simply extended just a bit.

At the 8 minute mark you can see the orange hued fruit of your labors. A very simple harvesting trick is suggested. You may also wish to invest in a very fine mesh strainer that you can empty the shrimp into so you can rinse them just a bit before feeding. A coffee filter can work too.

TIP: Even though brine shrimp will survive for a few hours in fresh water you only want to feed what you fish can eat in five minutes or less.

To insure you’ve got a steady supply of fresh fry food, once one hatchery is producing set up another within 24 hours. BBS will survive maybe two or three days without feeding in the bubbling hatchery. Just get a splitter so one pump can power two hatcheries.

TIP: If you hatch more than your fry can eat, try freezing the excess after rinsing, in ice cube trays. Try to use as little water as you can. Frozen dead brine shrimp are still nutritious brine shrimp. Make it so each cube would be enough for one feeding. That will in essence be a slow release of food as the shrimp thaw.

Anyway, as you saw there is not a lot to this system. It’s simple, fast and cheap. Don’t skimp on the eggs and your betta fish fry will be happily munching high energy brine shrimp insuring rapid growth and development.

End Result?

Nice close up shots of four week old fry at meal time focusing in on where the action is. Just watch these guys chow down, no more like gorge themselves, on baby brine shrimp.

The zeal displayed is why you want to learn how to do this so you can provide this nutritious food source for your baby bettas.

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