What the Heck Are DeCapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs?

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Some claim that the next best thing to live baby brine shrimp is de capped shrimp eggs. Being smaller you can feed them sooner to tiny betta fry with small mouths – although not moving around could prove to be a drawback.

But this video doesn’t look at them necessarily as a direct food source. Although the process does improve the value of any unhatched eggs that are eaten and eliminates the risk of the cysts (eggs in the shell) getting stuck in tiny digestive tracts. The bigger benefit however is an improved hatch out rate.

Decapsulation Defined: The process of desolving the hard outer shell of brine shrimp eggs. Done to increase the hatch rate.

This video lays out the process and what you’ll need in simple terms. Starting with a list of stuff you’ll need and carefully explaining each step along the way.

  • Initially you need to rehydrate the eggs. You can do as shown in the video or simply soak them in aged water for about 60 minutes. Then drain as suggested.
  • Admittedly the amount of bleach used is somewhat startling. You want to leave them in the bleach until you see the color change to orange. This should take between five to 10 minutes. The color will be a distinct orange not unlike weak Tang, if you’ve even had some of that.
  • Do pay attention to the five reasons cited for decapsulation presented while waiting.
  • You’ll then want to rinse THOROUGHLY. Running fresh water over the eggs until you can no longer smell any hint of bleach is the way to do that. Then hatch them as you normally would in your hatchery.

If all goes well you’ll have baby betta fish feeding on brine shrimp in about 24 hours like these guys:

Who at one week are already honing the hunting skills that will come in handy at a later date no doubt.

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