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Healthy Bettas Are….

Healthy betta fish share some traits in common. Do you know what to look for to judge if your guy is as healthy as he might be and on the road to a nice long life?


Two Care Tricks Gleaned From Fighting Fish Breeders

There is a thing or two we can learn from those who breed bettas for fighting. While not groundbreaking these still are good tricks of the trade your fish might well benefit from.


Seven Things Healthy Bettas Expect

It’s amazing how something as simple as having enough space can transform your betta into a friendly, responsive, and curious pet. Which just goes to show if you treat them right, they’ll respond. Here are some easily overlooked things you should do to insure your veiltail or crowntail is healthy and happy.


Aquarium Test Kit: The Secrets of Good Betta Water Quality

Which water test kit is best? How do paper strips match up with liquid test kits. How long are these kits good for? If you can’t answer any of these questions then the follow guide to aquarium test kits is for you.


Quick Q&A Betta Fish Care FAQ

Would answers to commonly asked questions about betta fish care be helpful. If so you may find this post may be useful as you seek to learn more about these alluring pets.

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